Master courses Autumn 2018

During the autumn term 2018 we are running 3 master courses at BAS. Learn more!

Complex Context, diversified solutions – by Andre Fontes and Tom Chamberlain 

Open form and Engineered wood – modular, flexible, re-usable architectural solutions out of solid wood – by Marco Casagrande and Charlotte Ercrath

Limits of control - The possibilities and limitation of spatial production in the ´banlieues´ of Paris and Bergen – by Anders Rubing and Alec Ross Andreassen 

The semester starts Saturday 18. August at 12 (noon). Mandatory for all to meet this day. Opening of the new school year and diploma ceremony in the evening. 
The semester ends 20. December 2018.  

The spring term runs from 7. January till 31. May 2019.