Seminar at BAS "SEEKING SANCTUARY # 2"- 20th APRIL 2016

Bergen School of Architecture, MAIN LECTURE HALL. See program.

09.15     Introduction

09.30     Presentation Urban Resilience, NTNU

             Language and Interaction

             Negotiating Space

             Mapping Spaces

             Is Trondheim Accomodative for Employment of Refugees

10.30     Coffee

10.45     Unaccompanied Minors (Live studio, NTNU)

11.15     Course presentation, bodies crossing borders, BAS

11.30     Presentation, BAS Diploma students;   


12.30     LUNCH (Course presentation: Bodies crossing borders, BAS)

13.30     3rd class BAS

14.00     Reception Centers Architectural Improvements (4th year, NTNU)

14.15     Presentation of Heterotopia, Master course BAS

15.45     Coffee / final discussion


19.00     ‘Crossbenching’, Lecture, Marcus Miessen, main lecture hall, BAS

Afterwards ARRIVAL CITY BAR at BAS w/ Open Transformation and students from the art school and engineering invited.