Diploma 2014: "Within the Stonegrid" by Terese Tveterås

-Continous productive landscapes

The cultural landscape is the man made landscape. It has developed through thousands of years and mirrors natures conditions, methods of cultivation, social structures and history. Place of belonging and a feeling of identity is connected to the landscape as an irreplaceable part of the visible cultural heritage. In the cultural landscape there are also vast biological values with destinctive species and characteristic natural environments.

The project is situated in Ja°tta°, an agricultural area in between the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes, next to the fjord Gandsfjorden. The cities have nearly grown together, and are becoming more so as the region is subject to rapid densification fueled by a booming oil industry. The Cultural Heritage Office of Stavanger has proclaimed that certain parts of Ja°tta° are of a significant value to the region’s cultu- ral heritage. A viewpoint that is easily shared when considering the strong rural qualities of Ja°tta°’s stone fences and buildings, elevated topography and view over the fjord and urban areas. However, Ja°tta° is one of the five larger areas that the municipality of Stavanger is planning to densify in the coming years. This project suggests an alternative development plan, emphasising the areas strong qualities as well as the need for open recreational areas within the city. The project proposes to densify in lower lying, less valuable agricultural land and to preserve parts of ja°tta° through continued agriculture, altering the mode of production from private to public allotment farming. As a byproduct, building a popular sentiment in favor of preservation. The existing qualities are used as a strong element of the transformation, working with existing land divisions, fences, roads and buildings as well as adding small structures and programs for the citizens. An old barn is transformed to a community house, an old stock building is transformed to a juicery, a teahouse is added as well as sheds for the allotments. 

All photos: Terese Tveterås 

Overview drawings and models

Process and model table

Project introduction and site research

Alternative plan for Jåttå

Site model and visualisation from road

Plan, section and facade of the Juicery, cafe, school service and fruit garden

Plan, section and facade of the barn/the community house

Plan, section and facade of the allotmentgarden and toolsheds