Diploma 2014: "A Place in Between" by Jan Tore Finnema

(Open Ceremonial Space)

This project is an investigation of the transition between states and conditions.

"Sacrality" as a term commonly adresses religion as well as buildings & spaces designed based upon serving purposes in this regard.

Sacral architecture in itself encompasses a vast cultural & historical reservoir wherein elements of iconism, symbolism, motifs and historic preferences of the sites are fundamental in encompassing a distinct atmosphere.The traditions and rituals conductedwithin the confines of a sacral volume usually follow fixed rules, and for this reason specific spatial/design regulations & requirements are set. Some of these parameters might be as old as the religion itself, whilst others are less rigid and more fluid.

The purpose of the Open Ceremonial Space is to offer a people of no particular religion, a place where ceremonies of importance can be held, according to their own values and preferences.

A closer investigation of what constitutes sacrality and the atmosphere of something"higher" reveals some basic points and elements that can be defined as common and recognizable; sources of light, the spatial order, passageways, quality of craftsmanship & material-usage, ordered views and differentiating boundaries are some of the terms essential to sacred architecture.

In designing my Open Ceremonial Space these terms have been addressed, evaluate, investigated and interpreted. The placement of volumes has been analyzed, tested, rearranged, and adjustments have been made in accordance to this process.

On a programmatical level, the Open Ceremonial Space will accommodate 120- 150 people, taking part in services as funerals, weddings, burials and other ceremonies of importance. The Open Ceremonial Space additionally houses the functions of meeting hall, informal gathering room, office, kitchen, toilets and storage room. The site also facilitates for a columbarium, memorial site,burial ground, urns ground, pathways, parking and crematorium.

All photos: Jan Tore Finnema

Image from within the Ceremonial room. From 1:25 scale.

Image from within the Ceremonial room. From 1:25 scale model, towards north. 


1:25 scale model and exhibition space 

table of models 1:100, 1:1000, 1:50