Visual Structure, VS5: Plural structures - 2 against eachother

By 3rd year students BAS, autumn term 2016


Create, get to know and show plural structures with similar elements in character. Make each element readable. 

Experience in create and clarify a complex situation. Allow more elements than one had control of from the beginning. Add elements with starting point in contrasts. 

Find and make differences to identify and make the elements readable. Work towards plurality -- open form. 

Train the vision and learn how to see, and to make visible. 



Teacher: Mona Elisabeth Steinsland

Assistant teacher:  Winnie Westerlund


Structure 1 Espen Egeland og Daniel Rydland


Structur 1+2 Åsmund Knapstad og Nikolina Søgnen


To view more images from the process, have a look at a folder on dropbox. (all images by Winnie Westerlund)