Kopi av Diploma 2018: "Partitur - A Thousand Spaces -a speculative and repetative investigation on perception of space and unfolding the secrets of perceived realities" by Pernille Kleppan Mørch

Tutors: Thomas Wienser (APP), Charlotte Erckrath (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA)

This project was awarded a distinction from the assessors for outstanding quality. 

n e u r o l o g i c a l  a c r o b a t i c s

I am a traveller in time and space and you keep on moving. You are moving now aswell.

This project is about worldviews and the possibility of perceiving differently, spatially and cognitively, through our bodily receptors. The body is the main departure and the main site. I started with an intention on extracting the hidden perceptions that some autistic individuals perceive, but that non-autistic individuals do not perceive. What happens to the way one experience and thinks when confronted with other worldviews? What other perceptions can occur by experiencing spaces through a different worldview? What is reality? This project is a process of thinking through movement, to improvise with perceived limitations and enabling constraints.

By looking at the sensory receptors and how we orientate in our environment this diploma has become a composition, a partitur, of space and experience of space. It is a performative investigation on how the body relates to architectural spaces and inbetween spaces by a repetative walk in the city of Bergen. This repetative walk, or journey, consists of seven journeys where each journey is affected by a device I have made and worn throughout the journeys- one device for each journey. There has been made five physical devices and two non-physical devices. The two non physical devices works as two rules. Each device gives a certain sensory limitation which then again sharpens the other senses, with an intention to give an awareness of which senses work together when one limitation occurs. The limitation is perhaps not only limitations, but also openings. The limitation opens and sharpens other senses where each journey is unique.

The project is about the human body and mind and how we orientate in our environments and surroundings. By giving myself sensory limitations, or a sensory practice, I have, through my repetative walks, rediscovered the unknown in the known surroundings. I am the container of experience. It is a bodily matter of rediscovering the architecture through the senses. I am interacting between the existing spaces within the journey and my own experiences of space through my walks with the devices. The experiences within the journeys become their own spaces.

The project questions how we organize our perception of reality, and of our self. As human beings we construct and organize our perception of reality through some kind of fantasy frame- our perception of everything around us is usually created as kind of a scenario, a story with which we create an always temporary, shaky idea of wholeness, of consistency. With the help of fantasy.

The composer constructs and completes, if it is ever completed, the fragments of the piece to compile it to a total score of experiences.

1:1 sketching with my own body in the situation, movement 3. 

Device A, Blind. Exhibition Space. 

Device D, Heavy Vest. Exhibition Space.

Device E, Myopia. Exhibition Space. 

Device F, White Ears. Exhibition Space. 

Device G, Modulator. Exhibition Space. 

Exhibition Space, main drawing connected to a map and a satelite photo. 

Exhibition Space, the devices.