Diploma 2018: "we have moved. a way of seeing the city, finding stories through the landscape of former places in the inner city of (the small coastal town) Arendal" by Victoria Helene Haukøya Storemyr

Tutors: Joakim Skajaa (APP), Charlotte Erckrath (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA)

This project was awarded a distinction from the assessors for outstanding quality. 


Can you through remembering back rediscover essential stories to create something new?

The diploma is a speculative investigation about memory, identity, repetition, childhood and the city. It aims to discussing the process of selecting what to be preserved, what to be discarded, what is considered valuable and how we develop our cities.

An archive is formed by a series of investigations in various scales of places from memory, each connected to a specific place in the city center of Arendal. They are to be seen as equally valuable.

The fragments themselves may seem invaluable alone, but like a souvenir they are connected to a specific time and place.

Through remembering, putting one self in a childhood perspective, the scale of things are less static, and imaginary scenarios can take place.


The table in the project has a series of scales; the imagined reality, based upon childhood memories, the table itself as a 1:1, the table as a staged set, and the

theatrical scene played out in a film.

A table and at the same time a fragmented model of my childhood city. A discussion about the city and a speculation about a possible future.



narrating , collecting , fragmentation, repetition, scale, perspective and assembly


key diagram explaining main concept.


model of the cafe table with a collection of places on top.

Exhibition wiew, with the archive exhibited on the left.


Map of Arendal w/ places from memories  – Index for the archive.


fragments from the archiving.


plan and elevation og the film set, and the imagined childhood city.


The cafe table – a film narrating a conversation about the city from childhood memories.


exhibition wiew


plan drawing from film, both of the cafe table and of the city, exploring what the context of our work is.

illustation of childhood-self playing on the table.


Still image from film.