Diploma 2018: "Traceless – nature emphasizing shelters with low visual impact for active explorers in Utladalen, Norway" by Florian Härle

Tutors: Marco Casagrande (APP), Hedvig Skjerdingstad (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA)

Architectural reaction to the existing cabin situation in the valley, which are former farm houses, by introducing new cabins that emphasize the potential of Utladalen.

Carpet Model with location of existing cabins and project shelters – 1:10 000


Reasons for choosing Utladalen as project ground


Exhibtion setup – project only visible from close – parallel to project approach hidden in landscape. Entrance situation to the 4 shelters in 1:1

Overall goal for planned shelters in comparison to existing situation

“Landscape model of river shelter with viewpoint and invisible intervention – 1:100

Location model tree shelter in relation to hiking path – 1:100. Ecological strategy on hanging boards.

Interior perspective tree shelter, common room of the cabin – 1:20

Model / Sectionmodel of boulder shelter – 1:50