Diploma 2018: "Reorder – An alternative approach to heritage conservation through adaptive reuse of the National Gallery, Oslo" by Aksel Stave Ervik

Tutors: Francesca Torzo (APP), Hedvig Skjerdingstad (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA)

The core of this diploma consists of three main parts, that each relates to different aspect of time and scale. The project is located at Tullinløkka in Oslo, Norway, currently the site of the Historical Museum and the soon to be abandoned National Gallery. A common thread through the project is the topic of parcour (movement) of people. The first part is related to the topic of heritage. By exploring the history and current state of the National Gallery in Oslo, the project takes a stand on preservation of a national monument. It relates us to the past while discussing historical values in todays society. The second part introduces a new building to the site. It extrudes later functions that has been added to the two surrounding museum buildings over time, disturbing their logic of rooms. In an urban scale, the building follows the logic of the site with its footprint and orientation. The last part of the project consists of a perennial, lush wild-growing garden. It also takes into calculation the studies on formal and informal spaces, tuning the relation between intimate and public.