Diploma 2018: "Meieriet Transformation of a Dairy Factory in Bergen" by Stine Elise Kristoffersen

Tutors: Andre Fontes (APP), Vibeke Jensen (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA)


Bergensmeieriet is today a dairy, located at Mindemyren in Bergen. As a part of the upcoming transformation of the area of Mindemyren, the current dairy production is moving and the existing buildings will be developed. The municipality of Bergen wants the area of Mindemyren to be transformed from an industrial area to a combined residential and business area with high densification.

The dairy’s location right in the middle of Mindemyren, in the junction of three different Bybane stops, has the potential to become something more than just another housing project. It has the potential to be the heart of Mindemyren where neighbors can create memories,

relationships, affiliation and a sense of belonging. This diploma project focused on the possibilities of the main building of the dairy and suggests a new purpose for this building as a public, social and cultural space, as well as residential space by adapting the existing building to new use.