Diploma 2018: "Fictions - constructing narratives within a constellation of bunkers on Marøy" by Eva Bull

Tutors: Cristian Stefanescu (APP), Thomas Wiesner (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA) 

Why does this place feel as it does?

The diploma is an investigation of a battery from the WWII in the north of Hordaland. The site is a constellation of 29 types of structures spread out in a landscape characterized by elongated low ridges, creating a movement of up and down, hiding and revealing. This combination of landscape and structures create a unique experience. It activates the visitor. In search for rooms to be discovered, the senses become active. The imagination is triggered, and you enter a world between reality and fantasy. Even though it is clear what purpose the site has, the spaces are often hard to decipher.

The research about the site and our understanding of the body and senses has resulted in four additions. They are meant as realistic fictions, something that could have been, all connected to different bunkers. They are spaces thought to enhance the already existing qualities. The diploma is in this way trying to point at the existing qualities of the battery in particular, and the value of un-coded and non-functional spaces in general, by visualizing extensions that emphasize the existing moments relating to phenomena such as light, movement, direction, perception, color and touch.


excerpt of exhibition, the site. 

Concept model 

situation map of additions

Section the sky space 17

Section of the bottomless well 20

model photo from the corridor 11