Diploma 2018: "Blur the Boundaries - The combination of gated community and urban public space" by Haoyang Wang

Tutors: Andre Fontes (APP), Thomas Wiesner (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA)


The boundary of the gated communities is a physical entity that restricts the space of the living area. This is not only the main display media of residential area and urban image, but also the forefront of residential and urban interaction. Therefore it has the public space quality and the important city significance.

At present, the rigid and indifferent boundary of gated communities is the direct cause of urban space fragmentation and the lack of vitality and security of the main road. I would like to insert a art gallery like type of institution in a specific gated community as my diploma project, changing the dilemma of gated community.

The introduction of art gallery has blurred the boundaries of the gated community and changed the attributes of community garden. The garden belongs to the residents of the community and it also belongs to the urban public. It became part of the city park. The art gallery has built a bridge between the residential and urban, combining the gated community with the urban public space.


Before insert the art gallery.


After insert the art gallery.


Ground Floor Plan: Shuttling between walls and pillars.


First Floor Plan: Wandering from one garden to another.


Section Plan: Art gallery as a bridge connecting the community and the park.



Courtyard & Corridor: the essence of an art gallery is to provide a wandering experience.


Model Photo: The continuous change of the roof and the alternation of light and shadow.


ModelPhoto: The entire space under the curved roof is pure and light.