Diploma 2017: "Gongbaek, A space for winter -A liminal Situation. Studios and Spaces of Contemplation for artists on Svínoy, a Faroese Island" by Yonghyun Ahn

Tutors: Susanne Puchberger (APP), Trudi Jaeger (DAV), Harald Røstvik (sustainability), Sigurdur Gunnarson (TTA)

The project ‘Gongbaek, A space for winter’ is an argumentation to reactivate the Sense of Place of such a remote village. These villages are about to ‘disappear’ through depopulation. Accordingly, cultural values of these villages are becoming enclosed. The project reveals and makes visible the qualities of this abandoned place.  

The small island of ‘Svinoy’ is representative of a deserted village in the Faroe Islands. Svinoy where about 200 residents lived has now been significantly depopulated to 26 people by remoteness. During winter, especially, the number shrinks to 17 because of the worst weather condition. As a result, the village is becoming permanently a lonely place.

The project, therefore, attempts to search for the Sense of Place to recreate cultural values. I see the potential of winter, and by the re-creation of a positive attitude to the atmosphere of solitude. Solitude is not something negative. This is the time of blankness(Gongbaek) to do nothing. it is valuable for those who want to have purification of ideas through this period of time.

I suggest the re-negotiation of space between visitors and locals with a new atmosphere. The winter widespread hotel is that locals provide their space to visitors during the winter. On this background, four studios, renovated, abandoned buildings provide visitors to enjoy solitude and the time of blankness.

This will create the new atmosphere without harming the life of the locals. Ultimately, it will improve the sustainability of the village. The studios will have multi-function. In other words, visitors use the space for the solitary atmosphere of winter, and locals use it as a harmonic atmosphere with others in summer. These small changes can be helpful for the locals in Svinoy to sustain the small society.



entrance of the exhibition


inside and outside of the reflection room in island


the solitude gesture : silence


the sustainable society with four reflection studios and the widespread hotel