Diploma 2016 - "[Dis]placement - A recovery strategy: " by Winnie Westerlund

A sequence of unexpected occurrences engaging with locals and new-locals of a shrinking community

Tutors: App Cristian Stefanscu ,Dav Vibeke Jensen.

Keywords: Scarce relations, Peripheral activities, Hybridization.


Displacement refers to a condition of loosing ones natural position, to become disoriented. This project has investigated possibilities for a town at the threshold between a long history of Iron mining industry – and its strategies to adapt with a shrinking population and a scarce urban fabric since the iron production was closed down. At this threshold, opportunities to see devel­opment from the current scarce situation came with a sudden growth in population. With asy­lum seekers that was been placed in the towns’ 3 asylum centers, and the manifold of them who chooses to stay in this community. In the periphery of this periphery, a vacant industrial park, which is spontaneously used for varied activities, -is through this diploma project developed to a community center and a youth club for new generations of locals.

Activity Nest: Collage / Model photo of south façade. 


Station building: Model photo [plan] 1:100 + text.



Activity nest: Vinjette/collage from Inside.



Station: View from Wagon intervention. Vinjette/Collage.