Diploma 2015: "LANDÅS SKOLE" by Alexander Sejnæs

-'What to show to Gagarin if he returns'


‘What to show to Gagarin if he returns’.

“The school was something for its time. As the world’s first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, visited Bergen in 1964, he also inspected the classrooms at Landås school. Construction machines eats the rooms. The old school turns into space dust”. 

PUBLISHED: 17/06/2013 UPDATED: 06/20/2013 

TEXT: Ola Henning Målsnes  


In 2013 a primary school located in Landås/Bergen got demolished after years of decay and neglect. This diploma aims to design a new primary school on the site of the former school.

                        The project responds to current trends in the public segment for educational facilities with a wish to revise the way of articulating/organizing the pedagogical spaces to provide a more generous learning environment.


overview of exhibition


presendece & concept models 


plan / sections /& renders 



model 1:25