Diploma 2015: "KAFKAESQUE" by Wenzel Mielke

A transformation of literary atmospheres into architecture.

What I noted here, is not older than the present day. It might be that when I would try the same tomorrow, it would turn out differently.” Jochen Gerz

This diploma project includes the design of 3 different spatial installations, each of them trying  to relate to the literary œuvre of Franz Kafka. 

The architecture is freed from any rational or pragmatic purpose, it is not meant to have one specific, directing determination therefore it can be seen as a scene for people who can, through the perception of different materials and spatialities, delve into aspects or fragments of Kafka’s writings which are even more topical today than when they were written. 

The cognition of those interventions will always be an individual one due to differing cultural and social backgrounds. In this way it remains open for reinterpretation and leaves the freedom to explore, just like in Kafka’s fragmentary novels.

context model 

coil model 

Process model 

exhibition entrance


exhibition detail

overall setup

model table