Diploma 2015: "Flow" by Håvard T. Austvoll and Øyvind Tveit

- community in the productive landscape of Jæren

The aim of this diploma is to investigate the possibility for another way to organize settlements and production in relation to each other. Historically, Jæren region, in the south-western part of Norway, is one where the production has been tightly woven into social and economic structures, yet there is an increasing displacement of production in physical relation to communities. A survey on the history and economy of the region as well as a wide array of references inform the final projects. With the Hå river as the backdrop, our project tries to mediate dwelling, production and the landscape.


exhibition from main gate


exhibition from above


survey models


river sections, 1:50


River sections superimposed


Dwellings from west towards east, model photo


Salmon hatchery interior


Salmon hatchery interior


Malthouse interior


Dwellings, in between houses, model photo