Diploma 2015: "ELSEWHERE IS ALWAYS SOMEWHERE" by Barbora Perichtova

- Interfaces for (re) hacking waste in Hydra, Greece

This project will look at the impact of the anthropocene era on the small island Hydra in Greece.

The anthropocene era is a geological epoch generated by civilization.

The island keeps the reputation of the carfree island. More and more tourists are coming to this place to experience this extraordinary situation.

Obviously the human disturbance is much stronger during the summer season, which leads towards seasonal increase in solid waste generation.

Intention of this project is :

~ to use observation as a method to investigate sitespecific issues

(2 weeks studytrip )

~ detect the challenges and collaboratively tackle them.

~ come up with possible site - sensitive solution to these challenges.

Fostering the motivation of locals for on – island waste treatment.

Promote new strategies in 3 different scales for urban planning based on community engagement, ecology awareness and food security.

Detected challenges

Due to its relatively small scale, Hydra‘s development and operation of on – island waste treatment and disposal facilities which meet increasingly stringent legislative requirements is a challenge.


The concept of the project is to solve the illegal waste handling by reusing dormant resorces and healing the current dumpsite.


It is proposing to convert former Hotel resort (MiraMare) into a community recycling center, where waste gets sorted, transformed and redistributed or shipped away.

This repurposed site in Mandraki bay has been recognised as potential venue for the development of a new social and environmental assets.

3 functions are strongly interwined on the site :

~ The desalination plant

~ The olive garden

~ The recycling center - MiraMare

Additional functions like gardening with the surplus compost will be explored in the adjacent olive garden. The whole desalination process will be presented in more obvious way with an educative character.



Kids are the future of the island.

Therefore the project has also focus on working with the youngest locals by active participation in OSCEDays 2015 (organised locally at the same time globally distributed event ) which helps to exchange ideas between 2 schools in different countries and change the approach to waste through play.

OSCEdays - Open source circular economy days