Diploma 2012: "Made in Sandnes" by Eivor Davidsen and Espen Vik

How to develop an inner city wasteland?

Place: Sandnes, Norway
Students: Eivor Davidsen and Espen Vik
Tutors: Teacher APP Andre Fontes, Teacher APP Espen Folgerø and Professor DAV Vibeke Jensen



As cities are getting bigger, there is a tendency of growth
by expanding outwards, pushing the periphery away from
the city center. This growth feeds on the cultivated landscape,
as well as it creates an inefficient infrastructure, and neglects
the city centers by promoting the car, and the suburban lifestyle.
We look at the conditions in our hometown Sandnes,
Norway’s fastest growing city. While the city is expanding
outwards, it’s creating a stronger suburban identity rather
than an urban environment. At the same time, the resonance
of the city’s industry is still present, with its old, unused
factories at the inner harbor, as a large wasteland in
the heart of the city.
How can we incorporate the existing structures and
strengthen the identity of the city, at the same time as
creating new places to live, work, educate and meet? How
can we combine the old with the new?
All Photographs: Pål Hoff