Diploma 2012: "Life line no. 4" by Fatemeh Tehrani and Fangzhou Song

A new campus in the city of Esfahan, Iran

Place: Esfahan, Iran
Students: Fatemeh Tehrani and Fangzhou Song
Tutors: Professor APP Deane Simpson, Teacher APP Andre Fontes and Teacher DAV Trudi Jaeger


We have worked on the theme of university as a local center
and an urban stimulator, which is relevant to contemporary
societal/architectural discourse in Iran because a large
number of autonomous campuses have been constructed
outside of towns, neglecting the importance of a connection between
students and urban life. This theme will be explored through the
program of a private businessadministration university with
8 subjects and approximately 4000 students, which is going to be
built in Isfahan, the third biggest city in Iran. Based on the analysis
of the city and the site chosen according to the theme
of university as an urban catalyst, the proposal will be developed
by trying to merge the university campus with the
urban context so that it would benefit from the city while
simultaneously giving socioeconomic impulses to the surrounding
urban quarters. The current proposal of blending
student life spaces with urban public spaces suggests
the urban objective of revitalizing the underdeveloped
neighborhood through the campus as a new lifeline.
All Photographs: Pål Hoff