Diploma 2012: "Everyday Delineations" by Ani Vihervaara and Maria Therese Hage

Amplification and Diversification in the District of Lines

Place: Helsinki, Finland
Students: Ani Vihervaara and Maria Therese Hage
Tutors: Professor APP Deane Simpson and Professor APP & DAV Thomas Wiesner


This project is developed around the theme of amplification
and diversification, through the seemingly ordinary.
Specifically, it is looking at seven different backyards and
the connection between them, leading to a series of inserts
on a connecting route, an alternate way of occupying
the spaces and to counteract the functionality of the
district. The site of investigation is the District of Lines in
Kallio, a former working class area in Helsinki.
11.55 a.m 10th of april 2012
backyard no. 11309, southwest corner, between 2nd and
3rd line in Kallio, Helsinki.
3 drying racks, 13 cars, 1 table, 2 benches, 4 lamp posts, 8
yellow signs, 6 blue signs, 8 white signs, 19 bikes, 11 road
markers, 5 fences, grass (1 lawn), 4 bike racks, 2 sheds,
2 stairs, 2 trees, 10 doors, 1 tarpaulin cover, 2 cigarette
stands, 1 sandbox, 2 men, 1 mailbox
All photographs: Pål Hoff