Diploma 2012: "Architecture of Revolt" by Anders Rubing and Erlend A. Bolstad

Negotiating freedom of expression and security in the public realm.

Place: Oslo, Norway 
Students. Anders Rubing and Erlend A. Bolstad 
Tutors: Professor APP Deane A. Simpson, Professor DAV Vibeke Jensen, Teacher DAV Trudi Jaeger 

“ Our answer is more democracy, more openness and  more humanity. But never naivety.”
Jens Stoltenberg, Oslo Domkirke 24/ 7 2011

Architecture of Revolt is a project operating the overlapping territories of security architecture and public space as a stage of political expression. By learning from the self-organized strategies that were developed during the revolution in Egypt 2011 on Tahrir Square, and the new field of urbanism created by security architecture and fear of terrorism, we want to explore a different strategy for reconstructing Regjeringskvartalet. As a square with an enhanced political importance we see the potential of it becoming an arena of public life and the whole spectrum of political expressions. This would imply a square different from the existing politicized squares in Oslo. By offering a stage for plurality of expression and confrontation of opposing opinions it would function as a security measure in a broader sense by working as a vent for society in general. The project can be seen as an architectural interpretation of Stoltenberg´s reply to the terrorist attack on 22nd of July.

All photographs: Pål Hoff