Climatic Chamber - Wood’n’canvas

by Tove Posselt, Pål Henrik W. Eikås, Aundun H. Hammersland, Henrik M. Mæland An early minimised material palate of wood and canvas, and the sitespecific qualities of the windy quay, little sun/daylight, the constant Bergen rain and a fantastic view of the fjord led us through solutions with larger, fused canvases pulled over a skeleton of wood towards using smaller, triangular, canvasclad modules.

Each one by itself small and seemingly fragile, but when screwed together taking advantage of each other's form creating a surprisingly steady, and visually exciting structure, at the same time enhancing the small inner room and the huge outdoor vista, successfully avoiding the form of a geodesic dome.

Our structure have been adjusted to the 4x7 site, undulating unpredictably over two insulated, heated boxes, creating a halfclimatized working area/storing room/winter garden/summer hangout, separating the wind- and
weatherskin from the warming insulation. We have, in our compact living for two on the quay of BAS, made three rooms with different qualities that challenge the Bergen weather and make the outdoor more liveable