Climatic Chamber - Plot #8, at the end to the south.

by Per Jansson, Aksel Stave Ervik, Illyrian Belugu, Siri Borten. Assignment: To design a home for two people on the dock outside of BAS. The plot has to be connected to its neighbour in some way.

Designing this home, we will use materials that has been given to us by contractors, manufacturers or wholesalers. This is materials that is left over, has minor damages or that is discarded because of safety reasons etc. Instead of throwing them away, we might find a way to use them.

Chipboard in various sizes
2¨8¨ wooden planks in various lenghts (?)
Cardboard, crushed and wrapped
Glass bottles
Materials we got, but didnt use:
Plastic packaging
Metal shelf elements
Bathroom ventilation elements

Our design:
We have been working with glass bottles and tires. Additionally we had to make our own construcktional elements. For this we used the chipboard and wooden planks to make I-beams.

As our plot was at the end of the line, we had to take into account that the weather would come in hard on our south wall, south west corner.
We desided to make the rooms on the inside of these walls wind and waterproof, but not heated. This would be the bathroom and a sleaping area. These rooms would also work as extra insulation for the rest of the house.
To deal with wind and heavy rain, the roof is tilted downwards to the southwest corner to catch the wind and the siding is a «skin» made of tires.
The bootles we desided to use on the southwall of the bathroom. It will, hopefully, give a colourful display of light in this room.