The Palestinian refugee camp Shatila - BAS diploma project part of exhibition and seminar arranged by Bergen Global, collaboration between CMI and UIB,

The exhibition will among other present some material from the BAS diploma project 2019, "The Island of (in)Stability, Or a Hotel for Visiting Foreigners in the Middle of Town", by Bjørnar Skaar Haveland. Read more!

The Palestinian refugee camp Shatila in the heart of Beirut has become the poster-child of the refugee crisis. In this exhibition, using material from the Master project of Bjørnar Skaar Haveland from the Bergen School of Architecture, engages in a form of architectural anthropology; where the built environment is mapped and used together with traditional forms of research as a starting point to link the lived experience of displacement to the architecture of the camp.

An imaginary aid project; a hotel for journalists and researchers funding the camp infrastructure, is used as a narrative tool to provoke as well as highlight aspects of Shatila's politics and the roles of western aid, NGOs and researchers.

The exhibition is divided in 3 parts.
1. Introduction and a look at how Shatila functions in the urban fabric of Beirut
2. Mapping of Shaila's built environment

3. The hotel


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