Diploma ceremony and exhibition 2020

Saturday 15. August 2020 we celebrated our 33 new Masters in Architecture from BAS. We invited to a very limited ceremony, where all covid-19 precautions were taken. The candidates could come and bring a restricted number of guests. Those not able to attend, joined us via zoom and watched the ceremony that was streamed from the large hall at BAS. We were happy that we could honour our graduates in this event, despite the challenging times. Read more about our candidates and the exhibition.

The projects will this year due to the covid-19 not be exhibited at BAS. In 2020 the diploma exam and hence also the exhibition is digital, and you are all invited to visit it at http://solitude2020.bas.org/


The following candidates have graduated as Master in Architecture:

Barfod, Julie / Figuereido Linda / Morrissey, Julia - joint project 

Brandtzæg, Elisabeth

Bønes, Tilla Tine Bårdsdatter

Dale, Pernille

Danis, Tanguy 

Døskeland, Solveig Sanden

Edal, Mats

Hansen, Susanne Oldereide

Haukjem, Karoline / Van de Walle, Emilie - joint project

Hoddevik, Jim Rune Kvamme

Holvik, Stephan 

Högberg, Axel 

Israel, Lior 

Juvik, Stein-Atle

Kartvedt, SIndre Odd 

Lee, Cheng-Han

Lin, Wan

Lu, Wu-Lung

Majewski, Gustavo / Nilsson, Hillevi - joint project 

Midtun, Ingeleiv Andrea Utne

Nerhus, Maria Helena Konttinen 

Nærøy, Stina Tomin

Samachai, Praewa

Skard-Garberg, Rikke Sæthrum

Slevigen, Truls 

Solbakken, Christian 

Tamas, Claudiu Bogdan 

Tvedt, Veronika Sløk

Ødesneltvedt, Hanne 


Pass with distinction
4 of the projects were awarded with a Distincition from the assessors.This is an award for outstanding quality on the following projects:

Barfod, Julie / Figuereido, Linda / Morrissey, Julia: "THE RADICAL FUTURES CLUB FOR THE REORGANIZATION OF MATTER"

Haukjem, Karoline / Van de Walle, Emilie: "LIMINAL LANDSCAPES, three ports in transition"

Kartvedt, Sindre Odd: "A future in ruins Exploring the possibilities for a new wave power plant at Toftestallen. Giving visitors the opportunity to experience the site from a different point of view"

Tamas, Claudiu Bogdan: "Upstream"

BAS congratulates all 33 masters in architecture, and we wish them all the best for the future!