Many of the BAS students will during their years at BAS do a period of internship in an office either in Norway or in Europe. This is not part of the degree, but something they do while on leave of absence. It is possible to receive financial support through the Erasmus scheme for internship lasting from 3-12 months.


Deadline to apply for this at BAS is 1. April for the autumn term, and 1. November for the spring term. 

NB! before 1. May / 1. December you must confirm if this is something you want to do. You must have a signed agreement with the office where you want to do your internship by this time. 

BAS is given annual support from the EU to promote mobilty for internship. This means it is possible to receive a scholarship per month. It is valid for internship in an European office, not within Norway. 

The monthly amount for support will vary depending on the fundings we receive. 

You as a student must find an office that is willing to have you. Contact the administration at BAS for an overview on previous internship, and how to proceed with the process. 
You must fill out an agreement  (Training Agreement and Quality Commitment) between the student, the office and BAS. All three parts must sign.

After the internship is completed, you must hand in a finalreport.

This scholarship is supposed to be support for your subsistence in a foreign country.

Minimum stay is 3 months, maksimum 10 months. 
In average the scholarship has been around 300 Euro per month.  

Internship is not a compulsory part of the program at BAS, so you will not be given credits for it. But you will receive a certificate from your employeer, and it will be listed in your Diploma Supplement after you graduate. 
You can have the intership period approved as a KTF subject at BAS. (complementary theoretical subject).