Emergency Plan

In case a crisis situation should occur at BAS, the school has an Emergency plan. For study trips /academic stays abroad, there is a separate Instruction that should be read by all students and staff.

The Emergency plan in English is not the full version, but contains the most important information. 

The instruction for academic stay abroad must be read by both students and staff before departure. Can be dowloaded in English version here. 

Information form for group travels abroad  shall be filled out by teacher or assigned contact person among the students before departure.  

Information about Procedures and assistance available for students that are experiencing challenges of different kinds.  


remember good travel insurance and possibly contents insurance.

If you are foreign citizien, on a temporarily residence permit in Norway, you need to check what will happen to your social security and health rights if you leave Norway. You are covered for health care when you are in Norway, but if you want the same when you go abroad, you might have to apply for extended rights to HELFO, the Norwegian governments health care system. Contact adm.BAS if you need assistance with this. 

IF you don’t have extended right from Norway while on exchange, you will have to buy private health insurance, unless the school where you go have an offer for foreign students. This is something you need to check with the school where you are going.

Remember to give us your address where you are staying abroad.

Sjømannskirken - The Norwegian Church Abroad This organization has a very useuful APP for emergency cases.  This can be downloaded by everyone. Here you will find the contact info the local alarm numbers, embassies, Department of foreign affairs, insurance companies etc. This is also available without internet connection. If you are online, you can find maps and the direction to the nearest embassy etc. This is very useful wherever you might be in the world.  Do a search for SJØMANNSKIRKEN in APP STORE, red and white logo, is called NØDNUMMER.

In addition we recommend that the Norwegian Citizens register with the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs online for travels abroad.  https://www.reiseregistrering.no/ Those of you that are foreign, should check out if you have the same option in your home country.

For longer stays abroad it could be useful to check out a possibly membership in ANSA (Associataion for Norwegian Students Abroad), www.ansa.no. They also have good insurance for students.

Make yourself familiar with BAS Alertplan, especially the part that involves stays abroad.