Visiting student

Students from institutions that does not have an agreement with BAS, can apply for admission as visiting student.

Regulations for  Visiting Student  at BAS 

This letter is to inform you about the possibility of becoming

- Visiting student (free mover, not part of exchange program)

The main issue for applying as visiting student at BAS, is your motivation and dedication, and wanting to learn something new. It could be that you have started an education in your country, and want to get some new impulses, or that you have worked for a while and want to get a new perspective on things.

The regular study at BAS has duration of 5 years, divided into two parts; 3 years in first part, and 2 years in second part. The first part is concluded with an examination. Passing this exam gives the right to continue to the second part. The main exam/Diploma is included in the last term and counts 5 months. Passing the Diploma gives the right to the academic title Master in Architecture. Please note that we do not offer a Bachelor degree, we have professional degree with duration of 5 years.

For visiting students from institutions which are not part of exchange program, it is possible to study for one or two terms in the second part/master level.(maximum 1 year)  As a minimum, you will have to have completed 3 years of architectural study before you apply to BAS. A regular school fee applies for this category. (for the time being NOK 17.321,- per term  plus a fee to the Students Welfare Organisation in Bergen of NOK 570,-, and a smaller copyright fee of NOK 250,-.) Tuition fee paid in due time is requirement in order to continue to the next semester. BAS does not have any scholarships available. The tuition fee will cover the teaching, it does not include expenses for materials nor the mandatory field trips.

Application visiting student: You need to apply via an online application portal by 15. April CET  (for studies in the fall) and 1. October (for studies in the spring). You will find the link to the portal below.  

Applications that arrive after the deadline will not be considered. The master level at BAS is always taught in English.

Very important to read the text below APPLICATION STEP BY STEP FOR VISITING STUDENTS before you start the online application process. 


Enter the link to the online application portal. OPEN THE PORTAL HERE. (deadline has expired, portal is no longer active)

First you need to enter your e-mail and create a password. Try to remember your password, in case you forget the next time you log in, you can always ask for a new one in the system.

We strongly recommend that you in advance prepare the documents to be uploaded and the parts that need to be filled in manually. The reason for this is that your application will not be saved until you submit the application in the end of the application process. That means you cannot do half of it and return later.  If you log out, you lose what you have added.

Once you have submitted the application, you can log in and change it up until the application deadline has expired.


Personal information 
e-mail, name, address, date of birth, gender, educational background (high school level), citizenship, phone.


Mandatory documents to be uploaded:  
Portfolio – Upload your portfolio (max 5MB) We do not want paperback versions of portfolios. Your portfolio is very important part of your application, it should contain your school projects, but also may include other architectural and artistic projects to show your skills and interest.

If you deliver your portfolio in ANY other way, (issu, wetransfer, google drive etc) it is YOUR responsibility to make sure we have received it. Contact us at once you have sent it. BAS will not contact the applicants in case the portfolio is missing.

Photo – upload a photo of yourself, the type you would use in a passport/Id card.

Education: Certificate/transcript – your certified/original Bachelor certificate, or if you are not yet done with your final exams, upload your transcript of your courses so far.

Motivation letter - We inquire into why you want to be a visiting student at BAS. Upload your motivation letter as word or pdf.

Parts to be filled in manually:  (please note that there is a maximum of 4000 characters in each answer)

Your intended period of study at BAS (scroll down to select)

Bachelor degree in Architecture: From which school?

When did you start and end your Bachelor degree? Month/year – Month/year

Next of Kin: Who to contact in case of emergency; family, partner, etc. Voluntary but strongly recommended.


We advise you to check the possibilities you have for financing your studies in Norway. Have a look at the website for Lånekassen (Norwegian State Education Loan Fund).

Here you will find an  information folder about BAS.

Kind regards,

Siv Aardal
International Coordinator
Bergen School of Architecture