Regular admission for the 1st year at BAS

About the regular admission to the studies at Bergen School of Architecture, BAS: Master in Architecture. Deadline to apply: 15. April

REGULAR ADMISSION TO BAS, 1st year  (NB! It is required that you speak and understand Norwegian in order to start the 1st year)

BAS admits 30 new students for the 1st year.  BAS is a private school, and admission does not follow the same procedure as the stately owned institutions. The application should go directly to the school and not through Samordna Opptak. 

Anyone who fulfills the minimum requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway can be considered for admission. Also, very important, it is required that you speak and understand Norwegian by the time you start your education at BAS.

You must document that you fulfill the requirements when you are applying to the school. Remember there are different ways to reach the minimum requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification. Contact BAS if you are in doubt.

Step 1, Application. The application must be sent to the school by 15. April. Application form can be dowloaded from the Norwegian version of this page.  Send it to the following address: BAS, 39, 5841 Bergen, Norway. 

Step 2, Interview: Based upon the application form, you will possibly be asked to come to an interview by the admission committee (2 teachers, 1 student). The admission is decided here.  If two candidates are equal, the motivation will be of importance.  BAS encourages applicants that have a portfolio which shows previous work to bring this for the interview.  The interviews will take place during medio - end of May. 

Based on the application and the interview, 30 applicants will be offered a position. 10 applicant will be offered a position on the waitlist, and will receive an offer in case someone withdraws.

BAS is a private school, and the tuition fee p.t is NOK 16.000,- per semester ( NOK 32.000,- for a full year. In addition there is a fee of NOK 570,- per semester for the Student Welfare Organization in Bergen, and a copyright fee of NOK 225,- . 
The study programme at BAS is approved for support through Statens Lånekassen. 

BAS encourages all that want to study at BAS, to visit the school and have an impression of the building and the education in advance.

You may receive the complete curriculum (in Norwegian only) by contacting the school, or download it from our webpage.

It is also recommended that you read the book «The BAS-Alternative” before you apply for admission. The book can be purchased at BAS, and costs NOK 400,- plus postage. Or you may come to the library at BAS and read it there. 

BAS looks for certain experiences in the candidates (but not an absolute demand): 

• Practical/hands on experiences from the building industry. That you have worked on a building site of some kind, that you have used tools and made experiences with materials of different kinds. This can be professional experience, or on private basis. Should have a length of minimum 6 months.

• Experiences from other countries or cultures, more than just a regular holiday. The experiences must be of a kind where you understand another cultures character and quality. 

• Broad experience from society, through work or practice of some serious kind. Preferable that you have worked fulltime for 6 months.

• Have experiences or at least an insight into the world of art: From music, dance, visual art or literature, just to mention the most common.  This must represent a good effort, not just as a hobby.

• What is important is your motivation. You must convince the admission committee that you really want to become an architect, and that is a conscious choice that you want to study at BAS. 

• It is an advantage if you can bring a portfolio to the interview, with drawings and sketches that you have made.

Are you curious about the studentlife at BAS, read an article in Bergensavisen from 2011 in connection with our 25th anniversary. (in Norwegian, but lots of pictures)