Admission to BAS as planned.

BAS is planning for a new academic year in august. Online application portal is open, application deadline 15. april. Read more!

Pressrelase: Covid--19 transmission confirmed at BAS

One student at BAS is of today, 13. March 2020, confirmed infected with the Corona virus. The student has been put in isolation, but is per today not seriously ill. The school has notified all that are classified as close contacts of the student,. There are no students in school, which will remain closed until after Easter. The premises will be cleaned thoroughly before the students are let back in the building. The municipality and local health authorities will map and possibly notify others according to their protocol.

BAS is closing!

Our Norwegian government has declared the situation with the covid-19 virus a national crisis, and there are drastic measures to be taken from today on. As a consequence of this, BAS is closing. The building will not be accessible for anyone and all events will be cancelled. But we are not closing down the education and the teaching. Students will hear from their teachers on how this will be solved. This state of emergency at BAS will last from today and until 15. April, but the date may change.

Info on Corona Virus - Covid 19

BAS follows all the instruction given by the authorities and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health regarding the Corona virus, and urges that all students, employees and visitors keep updated on the guidelines given by the authorities and that they follow all recommendations. Read more!

Åpen Dag på BAS - avlyst

På grunn av den pågående situasjonen med Covid-19 smitte, ser BAS seg nødt til å avlyse den planlagte åpne dagen for interesserte søkere. De som vi besøke skolen individuelt er velkommen til det, eller de kan ta kontakt per e-post eller telefon skulle de behøve mer informasjon om opptaket.