Lunch lecture 22. September at 1200: SUSTAINABLE DESIGN PRINCIPLES by Kamal Eldin Mohamed

BUILDING CONTEXT:NATURAL VENTILATION. Kamal Eldin Mohamed is a faculty memeber at the Architecture Department, Izmir Institute of Technology in Turkey. This is one of the partners schools of BAS, and is an option for our students to choose for exchange study. Mr. Mohamed will in addtion to the lecture about natural ventilation also present the school and its profile.

Report from field trip of The Border Crossing Master Studio at BAS

From 12.-16. September the Border Crossing Master Studio at BAS has been taking part in the Academy week of the Oslo Architecture Triennial 2016. View some images from their stay in Oslo. From 18.-26. September the students and teachers will go on a field trip abroad. Read more!

3.rd year is doing research on Nordnes

The 3rd year at BAS are doing research on Nordnes in connection with the course on Urban Participation "Nordnesness". The course will be concluded with "Event(s) on Nordnes in connection with Park(ing) Day 16. September.

BAS project listed among The Best Student Design-Build Projects Worldwide 2016

ArchDaily has published a list of the best student-built work from around the world in 2016. 36 projects from 20 different countries - and among them is a project in Slovakia done by last years 2nd year students at BAS in collaboration with Slovak University of Technology. Read more about the Duna Birdwatching.

Diploma projects 2016

Diploma projects from 2016 as well as from a few years back can be viewed under the PROJECTS folder on this website. Enjoy!