Information about The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, concerning the protection of your personal data, has come into force. BAS will only collect the personal data needed to provide the services you have asked for, or statutory for the school to handle. Read more for further information.

Workshop 2018: Spatical logics of transition – grafted in Vienna

The workshop is supported by an Erasmus+ grant for strategic partnership for higher education and will take place from July 31st to August 9th 2018 in Vienna, Austria together with students and researchers from Bergen School of Architecture, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Liechtenstein. Read more about the workshop and have a look at their picture blog.


The following diploma examinations are open to the public. This will be a very valuable learning experience for future diploma students, as well as a good exercise for our future masters in architecture to present in front of an audience. For external visitors, this will give a good insight in our program. Read more!

Aspelin Ramm-prisen 2018.

Er du masterstudent i arkitektur/urbanisme/byplan/landskap? Da kan du melde deg på Aspelin Ramm-prisen 2018.

Under Broen Gatefestival 9. juni

Dagsfestival under byens fellestak på Møhlenpris. Dagen fylles med mat, musikk, kunst, skating, sykling, barneaktiviteter og kaffe. Vi rigger opp til fest på kveldstid for de unge voksne og voksne. En sommernatt med musikk og lys. Arrangør: Kull 31 BAS