Diploma 2018: "Ghost" by Turid Skåden

Tutors: Marco Casagrande (APP), Hedvig Skjerdingstad (DAV), Harald Røstvik (Sustainability), Anne Sofie H. Bjelland (TTA)

This project was awarded a distinction from the assessors for outstanding quality. 

This Diploma seeks to Investigate the Potential of Liminal Industrial Ghosts. Their Spatial Impact on the Surroundings and Productive Future.


The proposal facilitates for people crossing as pedestrians or by bicycle through the area,

thus eliminating existing barriers such as large rocks, fences etc. It involves a landscape

grip to reintroduce water from the existing canals and adapt for native wetland strucures

and  vegetation  to  grow,  which  is  a  part  of  cleaning  the  polluted  air  and  dampen  noise 

pollution. The vegetation also helps to change the area over time and adjust for increased



(A Liminal room, in-between time and use. With the possibility to be flexible. Inspired by the Colin Rowes collage city, where the spaces grow and changes by also referring to the concept of the “Bricoleur”; using resources of an area to grow and develop through a representation and a new usage of an abandoned industrial image. Space with several layers. Overlapping with native and natural landscape, air and birds.)


('Layered Landscape Collage')


Drawing Situation Plan

(Transformation of Former Helicopter Hangar and Abandoned Parkinglots)


(layered Landscape; Lake, Agriculture, Airport strip and Helicopter Hangar)


(Left to decay, and added Accessibility)


(Vision of Space)


(Vision of Space, Installation)