Diploma 2015: "Central Peripheries" by William Aarsland and Olav Vidvei

-Invigorating local production and identity in small coastal communities

This project was awarded with a Distinction for outstanding quality by the diploma assessors. 


The diploma proposes five architectural interventions in Nordskot, a small coastal community in Northern Norway. The five proposals aim to highlight and promote the normality of the place, both through the people and the nature. As a reaction towards mass tourism and the “pilgrimage” to “national galleries” of special extreme landscapes, this diploma aims to highlight and promote normality as the ambition for future development in the coastal periphery. Secondly, the five proposals intend to enhance the experience, awareness and knowledge concerning biological diversity along the coast.

If we are to achieve further development in a timely manner, we firstly need to recognize ourselves as a part of nature both by experiencing and by exploring it. This project can be seen as a tryout to lay the foundation for this to be able to happen.

Exhibition Central Peripheries


Exhibition Nordskotcenter


AQUAWALK - a conceptual view on how architects can contribute in the discussion about the future development of marine aquaculture in the region.


CROSSING a walkway project introducing the foreshore and its special qualities, with a focus on light in the winter dark.

model 1:25 of Crossing

Section of Crossing. The site consists of several different species, from shells, birds, fish and plants.

We want to highlight the discussion about the perception of where the boundary between biodiversity and architecture should be.


Exhibition Naustneset


NAUSTNESET Introducing a stage for nature and culture, the variety of daily events

Different stone sediments in the outer layer of the concrete, creates habitats for different lichens of various colors.

Isola Cabins Portable cabins? - A new alternative for tourism in Steigen

Model photo Isola Cabins 1:25


We are Adapting the principle of “Crop Rotation” in order to reduce the footprint in the local ecosystem.