Utveksling til BAS

Studenter fra samarbeidende institusjoner i utlandet kan søke om utveksling inn til BAS. Dette er gjennom nettverkene Erasmus og Nordplus, samt bilaterale avtaler.


Students who are interested in exchange to BAS must fill out an application form. Contact your international coordinator in your school and check the nomination procedure and how to proceed with the application. The application is done via on online applicataion portal which we will give you access to after you have been nominated. The application must be submitted 15. April for starting studies in the Fall, and 1. October for studies in the spring.  Make sure your exchange coordinator sends an e-mail to BAS and nomintates you in advance to give you time to work on the application. 

You should also submit a letter of Motivation with the application form, and very important to send a portfolio.

The portfolio should contain your school projects, but may also include other projects. It should be of your architectural/artistic work, to give us an impression of your skills and interest. 

It is important to respect these deadlines, as we have a committee that is evaluating the applications.

The applicant will receive an answer shortly after the deadline if we are able to offer them a student position at BAS.

We only accept students who have completed minimum 3 years of architectural training.

Please note that BAS has limited capacity due to the size of our school building. Therefore we cannot guarantee that we will be able to admit all exchange students that apply. We do out outermost to fulfill our obligations towards our partners, but in some case exchange students might be rejected in competition with other strong candidates. Based upon this, it is wise to spend some time in making a good portfolio. The portfolios are an important part of the evaluation process. We strongly encourage you to have an alternative destination in case you are not admitted.

ERASMUS/NORDPLUS/BILATERAL AGREEMENT: Students will be placed in a semester course for the 4th year, with an integrated course package that includes architecture, design, art, theory and construction. One master course is not split into minor course units, so one semester will give credit of 30 ECTS, for one full year 60 ECTS.

We cannot guarantee that the complete program for the courses will be available by the time of applying, but we will provide this a soon as possible before the exchange student arrives in Bergen. The teaching will be in English, so it is not required to speak and understand Norwegian in order to study at BAS. We do not ask for any language test score for exchange students, but trust that the home institution selects candidates that can manage with English in another country.

Accommodation: For exchange students we can assist you in applying for a single room through the Student Housing in Bergen. That is if we respect the deadline for applying for a room which is 15. May/ 15. October. For students that receive an offer, we will give all required information about application for housing.

BAS is a private school of Architecture, and the students here pay tuition fee. For students in an Exchange program there will be no tuition fee. All cost for study equipment, books, field trips etc. must be covered by the student.

BAS is a rather small school, with approx. 150 students divided on 5 years of study.

Exchange students are automatically members of the SAMMEN – the Students Welfare Organisation  in Bergen which offers a lot of welfare services.

Our semesters run from
mid August until approx..20. December

Approx.4 January –  end of May

Christmas Break is from 21. December until 3. January.

We are always closed in the Easter week after Palm Sunday.

Here you can download a general information folder about BAS.

More information can be found under the International Office at BAS.

For the Erasmus program, BAS has agreed on some principles, and these can be read at the BAS ERASMUS EXTENDED UNIVERSITY CHARTER.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Bergen School of Architecture, BAS
Siv Gjerde Aardal
Head of Student Affairs
Phone: + 47 5536 3880