Ledige stillinger /Vacancies

4 new 50% positions. Application deadline 15. September 2016

Picture of the poster painted on the school’s grain-silo wall. WANTED is the title of this year’s diploma exhibition - see web page for further info on opening hours


Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) hereby announce that we are in search of interested and engaged teachers for 4 new 50% positions. The positions are for a four year fixed-term.

We look for active practitioners with teaching experience and with an urge to explore the fields of architecture and planning in investigative teaching together with the students and fellow teachers at BAS. Each teacher is to influence the curriculum with their approach, as part of a collegium practicing a constant debate, finding a path for the considerate changes of the education. We are small, we have a history to treasure and we have a will to evolve together with each new voice.


The four positions will focus on:

1          Areas of planning; urban, rural and landscape (APP)

2          Architecture with special emphasize on natural ventilation, material knowledge and sustainability (APP/TTA)

3          Architecture and projecting of complex buildings (APP)

4          Artistic approaches and explorations (DAV)

Further explanations of the acronyms APP, TTA, DAV can be found in the schools web page (study plan). In short they stand for:

APP= Architecture, planning and projecting

TTA= Technology, technique and administration

DAV= Den Andre Verda/ the other world (artistic explorations)



Bergen School of Architecture is a private University College which offers an accredited study in Architecture with a scope of 300 ECTS credits. The degree Master in Architecture is awarded by completion of the 5-year professional study. The school has about 150 students and admit 30 new students every year for 1st year and about 20 more for Erasmus exchange and others for start in the 4th year of the master-program. Our students are engaged in their teaching environment, pursue initiatives and are committed and hardworking throughout their study. While the three first years are mainly taught in Norwegian, the two last years are entirely taught in English. Both English and Scandinavian are working languages. For the new teachers activities can be expected both on bachelor and master levels.

The school is situated in a fodder factory from 1958 and students and teachers at the school must be able to adopt to unconventional settings and challenging physical conditions. The premise provide a location with a huge freedom to facilitate initiatives in large and unconventional spaces, find room for activities, provide extensive workshop facilities and splendid views overlooking a historic neighbourhood and development areas. The big landscape with mountains and sea is all in vicinity.

As a teacher at BAS you will be part of an international pool of architects, artists, engineers and researchers from social and physical sciences teaching specific projects or appointed for various fixed term positions. In an average year we enroll about 30 teachers engaged for smaller and bigger teaching modules.

The contracted teachers must expect to take on study-administrative tasks according to need and relevant regulations. This includes possible participation in the study quality committee, regular teacher meetings, the board and the admission processes. In addition to scientific and academic qualifications the appointment procedure will also take into account past practical experience along with administrative and other qualifying experience.

Salary will be set according to the state regulative based on qualifications/experience.

Applicants for this position should familiarize themselves with the following regulations and guidelines:

Regulations on appointments and promotion in teaching and research positions (in Norwegian only): http://www.lovdata.no/for/sf/kd/xd-20060209-0129.html

Guidelines available for the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions [in Norwegian only):  http://www.uhr.no/ressurser/veiledninger/opprykksordninger

BAS wants its permanent staff to reflect the diversity of the demographics in society.



Bergen School of Architecture was founded in 1986 based on the architectural approach of Open Form, as formulated by Oscar Hansen at the Warsaw Academy of Arts and developed in Norway by his student and the schools founder, Svein Hatløy. Open Form is open in the sense of allowing and enabling open and participatory architecture. It is also open in the sense that individuals are given the opportunity to create their own situations and their own continuations.

The concept of Sustainable was introduced as a common theme for all teaching in the 2009 strategic plan. For BAS it is important to challenge the sustainability discourse relating to needs, historical contexts, the natural environment, resources, energy and climate, while also promoting and supporting a notion of sustainability that is more strongly rooted in the needs of society.

Last year the diploma exhibition was titled UTVIDA RØYND, meaning extended experiences and extended realities. These two meanings correlate well with the ambience we strive to sustain in our teaching at BAS. We commit to shape a study that challenges the students through inquiries, agencies and actions that provides experiences and question discourse. The students engage with relevant situations in collaborations with various stakeholders within society, management, research, planning and construction. Essential parts of our study is situated in the field. We engage with the landscape and the settlements through a mixture of analysis, 1:1 implementations and practical work. The school develops real, experimental building projects, on site, meant to last. Through these approaches we commit to be a relevant and experimental part of the profession that elaborates on critical thinking and socio-spatial attitudes.

Teachers at BAS will be assigned to teach and build up courses as we are a school with no funding allocated for research. However we encourage explorative teaching with a research focus, critically engaging in relevant subjects in society. We engage in collaborations where real challenges are addressed and try to find platforms for funding that can take the projects from ideas to a broader discussion in the public realm through exhibitions, publications or other means.

For further info on strategic direction and details on teaching approach we refer to the strategy plan, found in English and Norwegian translation on our web page.



The positions are open, but require that the candidates hold a high professional level in relation to architecture, planning or art. We look for teachers who sees potential in exploring situations, have experience in analytical work and can document relevant practical-pedagogical competence grounded in education or teaching.

The new positions require competence equal to professor or associate professor. BAS will conduct an assessment of the candidates based on documented practice, academic and artistic production for relevant applicants who have not already been awarded their competence. Documented competence in relevant educational theory and practice based on training or on teaching and supervision is required.

At BAS no teachers should work more than 50% at the school to allow the practice to inform the relevance of the teaching. The attitudes and approaches in your practice therefor represent an important asset in your teaching.

The positions are 50% positions, and fixed for 4 years with the option of extending the contract for a further period.



We welcome singular applicants for all the four positions, but in this process we also want to open up for several persons within an office to apply for a shared position.

For the new positions we will consider two or several persons from an office to share the responsibility of one position. This because we imagine that the way an office would draw on diverse experiences and expertise in various phases of a project could also benefit teaching. Our intention is that for the offices in question teaching could be part of an explorative agenda. The explorations of the office and the explorations of the studio can inform and enlighten each other in inspiring ways. The applicants within the office intended to take part in this scheme will have to be individually assessed on their qualifications. Each person will have to submit an application with CV, and will be evaluated on an individual level for professor competence.

The professoriate will have to be legally bound individually, to all persons contracted to teach, also if several persons share the position.



Position 1: Architecture and Sustainability in Design (HOLDBAR) (APP/TTA)

The candidates for this position must be dedicated, ambitious and knowledgeable in sustainable design and have experience in projecting and realizing building projects with emphasise on natural ventilation principles, low energy consumption and low carbon building. We look for candidates with experience within a North-Western European building paradigm to address our current building practice/environment.

The person having this position will function as an independent teacher designing his/her own courses and parts of the curriculum but also as an expert consultant brought in on dedicated periods in adjoining courses for project development phases.

The school already holds a 30% professor position in architecture with emphasise on sustainability. With this new position we want to strengthen the focus on sustainability with complimenting approaches.

The sustainable design can in teaching be one of several approaches addressed within the same course/ by the same teacher and we will therefore look at the many fields of interest that informs the practice of the applicants.

Work experience in inter-disciplinary collaborations and former experience in teaching collaborations should be mentioned and will be an important grounding of the position where much of the teaching is project based and done in teacher teams.

The position will operate on all levels from first grade to master level and diploma tutoring.


Position 2: Urban/Rural Planning and Landscaping (APP)

We are seeking a committed and experienced planner/architect engaged in questions concerning planning. You should be able to present solid analytical work and show how your engagement has resulted in critical explorative work within this field.

You will be among the key persons within our staff responsible to develop a focus within planning, approaching various scales and methods in shorter and longer courses. We want you to engage in the teaching with an interdisciplinary pool of supporting fields to ground the topic in a broader scope of interest.

Much focus will be on urban planning, but both regional and large scale strategic planning and small scale neighbourhood planning should be a field of interest. The school is committed to address the management of our coastal landscapes and engage with relations between settlement and landscape historically and at present.

How we treat our surroundings is a big question also within the public realm and we want BAS to legitimate its voice in the broader discussions in the local and regional domain. We want to communicate how planning is addressing both physical and socio-economical sustainability. We want courses to address relevant and current issues and we want you, your position and the student work in your courses to take part in the public discussion in Bergen and beyond.

There are extensive courses focusing on planning in third year and possibilities to set up designated semester courses on master level. A majority of our diploma students choose a planning focus.

Work experience in inter-disciplinary collaborations and former experience in teaching collaborations is positive and will be an important grounding of the position where much of the teaching is discussion based and done in teacher teams.

You will be teaching both third year students, master courses and engage in diploma tutoring.


Position 3: Complex building (APP)

For this position we are seeking a well experienced practicing architect following ambitions in advanced experimental architectural design inquiries. Experience from an architectural praxis that addresses various scales, program types and attitudes within architecture will be appreciated. As will approaches that build on knowledge in materiality, statistics, spatial logics and spatial ambience and various skills for grounding architectural expressions.

We want the teaching to challenge and reflect on attitudes informed by thoughts on Open Form and sustainability with considerate approaches and inquiring architectural expressions.

Work experience in inter-disciplinary collaborations and former experience in teaching collaborations is positive and will be an important grounding of the position where much of the teaching is discussion based and done in teacher teams.

You will be teaching both bachelor level, master courses and engage in diploma tutoring.


Position 4: Artistic Exploration (DAV)

At BAS artistic explorations have always been an important part of establishing reflection and alternative perspectives within the architectural education. Both in special designated courses and within the projecting assignments there are modules with an artistic focus, and these focuses are at BAS named Den andre verda/The Other World (DAV). While the name is debated and the relationship between DAV and APP is constantly reassessed among our teachers, its content has its undisputable relevance in addressing and revealing the otherworldly qualities within and beyond the everyday world.

We want the DAV teachers to bring various artistic approaches, tools, languages and critical approaches with them into the teaching. For the new position we have no specific artistic background in mind, but want the applicants themselves to consider how their practice and approach can inform the architect students in their ways of exploring approaches, modes, meaning and situations.

Work experience in inter-disciplinary collaborations and former experience in teaching collaborations is positive and will be an important grounding of the position where much of the teaching is discussion based and done in teacher teams.

The position will operate on all levels from first grade to master level and diploma tutoring.



Please submit:

A letter of intent 

-Describe how you would translate what we look for related to your experience and field of interest for the specific position you apply for.

-Describe how your practice can inform your teaching. We are interested in how you have bridged your interest field with teaching in the past and thoughts on how your engagement should be accomplished into the teaching at BAS.

-We would like to know how you like to work and what collaborations you have taken part in that you find relevant to mention in this application.


An extensive documentation of architectural/ artistic/ scientific / educational works

-A documentation of works/ list of works. The works may be architectural, artistic, scientific, pedagogical development works or other relevant work. Must contain a description of the applicant’s role in the projects.

- A thorough representation of 10 selected works. (May be submitted up to one month after the application deadline). (May be sent by post also if the remaining application is submitted digitally)

-Emphasize what you feel is most significant for the position.


- Include praxis, work engagements and teaching experiences.

- Include a lists of architectural/artistic works and/or scientific works and/or pedagogical development or other relevant work.

- The complete list of publications with information on where the work is published.

Certificates and diplomas


Submit reference letters and contact info for minimum two persons from former engagements that the committee might contact.

Applications written in English or Scandinavian languages are accepted


APPLICATION DEADLINE:    15th September 2016


Submit to:

BAS; adm@bas.org (mail title: Vacancies BAS + name of applicant)

Large attachments can be sent via Wetransfer or similar digital services


Or by regular mail:

Bergen School of Architecture, PO Box 39, 5841 Bergen, Norway

(please submit 5 copies of your application with attachments)



The school will appoint two committees that will go through the applications; one internal group with teacher-, student- and management representatives that will look at all applications for a first selection. All the presumed qualified candidates will then face a second evaluation by the external qualification committee that will assess candidates for professor or associate professor competence. In last round selected applicants will be invited for an interview and trial lecture.

The appointment will be made by the board based on recommendations by the evaluation committees.

Commencement date to be agreed upon between school and candidate. We expect internal process to be finalized by 2016 for start-up in 2017.


For more information/further inquiries please contact:


Ingunn Tepstad, head of office at the administration: ingunn@bas.org

Cecilie Andersson, rector: ca@bas.org