About the International Office

Here you will find contact details and information about the different mobility activities that is a part of the Internalisation strategy at BAS.


Administrative contact person:
Name: Siv Gjerde Aardal,
Position: International coordinator
Phone:+ 47 5536 3880 / E-mail: adm@bas.org
Administrates the following:  Admission of exchange students, international students from  4.year, and visiting students.  All procedures for in-and outgoing exchange students, signs and returns Learning Agreements, issues Transcript of Record, Diploma Supplement. Contact person for Student Housing Guarantee for international students, Exams, Reports, Regulations, Institutional agreements.

Academic contact person:
Name: Cecilie Andersson
Position: Rector
Phone: +47 5536 3886 / E-mail: ca@bas.org
Counsellor for in-and outgoing students on academic issues,  choice of master courses.
Has the overall responsibility for international activity, strategy and implementation.

this is an important document for BAS as our strategy for internalization and modernization. It explains why we consider internalization important for the overall quality of BAS, and the target groups and objectives we want to reach, together with the expected impact this will have for BAS. The full strategy can be read here.

Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) is a private University College with recognized higher education study program. The Quality Assurance System was evaluated and approved by The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education in 2010. The level of qualification is a Second cycle/level 7/(one-tier) master degree. Master in Architecture is awarded in relation to Directive of Degrees and training of Professional study, protected title and standardized study at Universities and Colleges of 16.12.2005. Nominal length of study is 5 years, and it has a scope of 300 ECTS credits.

Academic Credit system:
BAS has full implementation of the ECTS system.  A complete academic year equals 60 credits.
International students will be admitted for the master level (4. and 5. Year), and they will be able to choose between 2-3 different semester courses. These can be found on the Course Catalogue, to be updated around 1.May /1.October for the coming semester.
One semester course counts 30 ECTS, and comes as one package which includes design, art, theory, construction and other relevant content. One teacher will be in charge of the master course.  After successful completion of each semester course, you will be given a Transcript of Record for the 30 ECTS credits you have earned.
For outgoing students, they are expected to complete 30 ECTS during one semester, and this is recognized in full into their degree at BAS, provided they have passed their courses successfully. No further recognition procedure is required, except if you go as free mover, you are required to present a portfolio upon return to BAS. About regulations for outgoing exchange students, please check out the following information  (In Norwegian)

For both in-and outgoing exchange students, BAS will provide Learning agreements,
An exchange student will receive a Transcript of Record of their semester before they leave BAS, or it will be sent to them within 1 week. We automatically and free of charge issue a Diploma Supplement after the completed degree. See an example here. 

Grading system:
We have a PASS/FAIL grading for all courses, and for the final diploma exam we can in addition award a distinction. For incoming students, we convert the grade to their local grading scale if requested.

Language Policy:
The language of instruction for the master level is English. This means that BAS is an international school, and most of the day-to-day communication in school is in English. Therefore we do not have any requirements for knowledge of Norwegian. But we inform interested foreign students about the possibilities for learning Norwegian outside BAS. BAS does not have any formal Norwegian courses, but from time to time, there are study groups with Norwegian and foreign BAS students in school, with the aim to learn more Norwegian.
For the applicants to the regular admission from 4. Year, we have specific requirements for English skills: Applicants from outside the Nordic Countries must document satisfactory English skills through one of the following tests: • TOEFL, Test of English as a Foreign Language, with a minimum score of 550 points (paper-based test), TOEFL Internet based 80 points, TOEFL Computer based test: 213 points or  IELTS – International English Language Testing Service, British Council – with a minimum score of 6.0 points.
Applicants with the following documentation are exempt from the English requirements: Citizens of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA. Applicants who have earned their full Bachelor`s degree in  English are also exempted (documentation required) with one year of university studies in one of the above-mentioned countries, where the language of instruction was English.

For exchange students, we do not ask for a test score in English. We trust that the home institutions select candidates that have a satisfactory level of English skills, and that they can manage in a teaching situation. 

Equal opportunities: According to Norwegian Law and funding systems, all students are guaranteed equal opportunities irrespective of sex, race, religion, disability and socioeconomic circumstances. This is fully respected by BAS, also for our incoming international student. They have the same rights and the same access to our facilities as all students do. For information about the regulations that apply at BAS, see relevant Act and regulations

Every regular student is entitled to an exchange period abroad if he or she so wishes. Universal design is an area that has particular focus for an architect. BAS is prepared to adjust the facilities for physically disabled students. We are able to arrange special parking spots, we can arrange special arrangements for the exams and reviews, and alternative program for demanding field trips. Outgoing Erasmus students with special needs get an additional grant. BAS is participating in the quota Scheme where we admit students from developing countries, and they will have their education covered by the Norwegian State Loan Fund, and provided they return to their home country after completing a degree, they will have their debt cancelled. 

BAS has a Student Organization, for more information about this student body that is involved in the social, democratic, and political life at BAS, see the following link

BAS has several levels in its organization, and for an introduction and overview of the different
boards, councils and committees, have a look here 

INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS: For an overview of the schools that BAS has either an Erasmus, Nordplus or bilateral agreement with, see the following document: 

BAS has participated in this European Union exchange program for many years, and it has so far included mobility for students and staff, plus work placement for students.
The program enables students and staff to receive grants to support their stay. SIU, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education is the national agency handling this program in Norway. Read more about the various opportunities at the SiU webpage.

BAS has applied and been granted a new  Erasmus Charter for higher education 2014-2020. This document explains the obligations of BAS when participating in the Erasmus program. Here you may download the charter. 

If you are a student and are going on exchange study or work placement, you should read the Erasmus Studentcharter.

For information about the possibility of having work placement and receive scholarship, read the following About internship

To be admitted as student at BAS, you can find information about admission procedures here:

As an international student, you have three options.
1. Apply as exchange student through Erasmus/Nordplus/bilateral agreements for 1 or 2 semesters, at master level.
2. Apply for regular admission from the 4.year, provided you have a minimum Bachelor in architecture from another school.
3. Apply as visiting student for 1 or 2 semesters.
Deadline to apply for all of the above is 15. April.
If you are coming through an institutional agreement, you are exempt from paying tuition fee and you automatically become member of Student Welfare Organization. (SiB).  Regular student applying for the 4.year, must pay tuition fee, this is for the school year 2017/18 NOK 16.000,- per semester, in addition NOK 570,- for SiB. A minor fee for copyright will also be added. (approx.NOK 250,-)
The tuition fee is for teaching only, all material, equipment, study trips, copying, printing etc. must be covered by the students themselves. This is the same also for the exchange students. 

The student is responsible for travel insurance coverage for travel to and from Norway and for optional trips within Norway or Europe. This is mandatory for all student to have, you will be travelling a lot during your study period at BAS. All students should also have a home and accident insurance, we suggest to have a look at NSO (The Norwegian Students Organization) and their offer for an insurance package.

If you are a foreign citizen, and you need to apply for residence permit, BAS will assist you with the letter of invitation, housing guarantee, and deposit of money in institutional bank account for the means of subsistence.. For more information, contact the international coordinator. See the UDI link 

For more information about BAS, the study programme/courses, and general information for students, please check out the COURSE CATALOGUE 

For international students coming to BAS, we are able to give you a housing guarantee through the Student Welfare Organzation provided that you apply for a room within a given deadline:. https://www.sammen.no/en/bergen/housing/housing-guarantee. More information about this will follow once you have been admitted to BAS. 

To help you find and book your new home from trusted advertisers, Bergen School of Architecture recommends www.housinganywhere.com; the international booking platform for student accommodation. All our students are free to sign up for this service through: http://go.housinganywhere.com/3gw

You will receive the following if you choose to register through the Sign-Up form:

  1. Partner Student badge that grants you priority access to all rooms;
  2. Real time notifications on any new room available;
  3. Personalized assistance.

You can also rent out your room in your home country for free through the platform to an incoming student