Sixten Rahlff keynote speaker in China

Sixten Rahlff, pro dean at BAS, participated last month on a conference in Xi’an in China. The theme of the conference was "Architecture is a Verb - Innovation in Architectural Education", and was organized by the Sino-Norwegian Architecture Forum. This forum is a collaboration between Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology and NTNU in Norway.

About SNAF 2015 (from the SNAF webpage)
Sino-Norwegian Architecture Forum

The theme of SNAF 2015 is Architecture Is A Verb - Innovation in architecture education

When cities grow, when climate changes, when people migrate, when demography changes, our human environment changes and architecture needs to change with it.

While SNAF 2014 focused on the scale and the speed of change, SNAF 2015 will focus on the role and contents of architectural education. When architecture changes, we need to innovate the way in which we construe it. We need to rethink the agency of architecture: what architecture does, how it interprets and how it shapes our future environments.

The starting point of this work must be to innovate the way in which we educate the architects who are going to design those future environments. How do we educate the next generation of architects to have relevant knowledge and skills, to renew the mandate of architecture and to have a meaningful and positive impact on our lives? Therefore, architecture to us is not merely objects of appreciation, but a series of creative, meaning-seeking actions leading us to define the future.

Sixten Rahlff did a lecture on "Integrating education and real life at the Bergen School of Architecture", and in addition he brought an exhibtion that presented the curricula and the program of BAS.