Report from field trip of The Border Crossing Master Studio at BAS

From 12.-16. September the Border Crossing Master Studio at BAS has been taking part in the Academy week of the Oslo Architecture Triennial 2016. View some images from their stay in Oslo. From 18.-26. September the students and teachers will go on a field trip abroad. Read more!

Images from the week in Oslo can be viewed below. More information on the blog, which will also be updated during the trip to Paris and Athens. 

18.-26. September 2016

From the course program: "The field trip will start in Paris with a visit to Calais camps and international border, before we fly to Athens where we will visit different kinds of camps and self-settlements, and follow migration routes to the Macedonian border. We will meet with a variety of experts involved with the migration theme: migrants, human rights lawyers, architects, artist, and academics along the way. On the trip we will analyze and register the specific borders migrants encounter: from physical walls and barriers to invisible borders mapping social boundaries. We will discuss the spatiality of migration through the eyes of the migrant and the space they create in their situation, as well as the spaces created for them by state and international security and humanitarian organizations."

Oslo Architecture Triennial 2016: