REMINDER! Polyhistoric daydreams - Open Lecture 16. January by Jérémie McGowan

In this talk Jérémie McGowan presents a combination of his artistic and research work from the past ten years. Taking recent discourse around Renaissance and Baroque ideas of polyhistoricism as an underlying reference point, he sets out to explore ways in which the alternative forms of knowledge that defined the Early Modern period might be usefully activated in the present. Playing with the remnants of the Renaissance and Baroque’s ‘lost’ intellectual legacy, he advocates a re-thinking of the disciplinary boundaries and dividing lines that have increasingly come to separate ‘the creative’ and ‘the scholarly’ in contemporary thought and practice. Drawing on his varied experiences as an artist and an academic, he seeks to transform the figure of the polymath of the past into a potential paradigm for the future.

About Jérémie McGowan
Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, Jérémie McGowan is currently working as a Curator in Architecture at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo. He holds a PhD (2011) and MSc (2005) by Research in Architectural History and Theory from The University of Edinburgh, and a BA (2001) in Art and Design and Industrial Design from North Carolina State University. A practicing artist, designer and musician, he has taught and exhibited at various institutions in the United States, UK and Finland. Recent publications include the co-edited book Architecture and Field/Work (Routledge, 2010), and a forthcoming article on Constant Nieuwenhuys and the Situationist International in the Nordic Journal of Architecture (2013).

The lecture will take place in the large auditorium at BAS from 1400-1600.