Presentation of ARCHIP - Architectural Institute in Prague - Friday 20. March at 1200

Come by for a lunch lecture on Friday 20th at 1200 to learn more about a possible collaboration partner school in Prague. By Regina Luokatova


Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP) is one of a few colleges of architecture in Eastern Europe to offer a complete 3-year Bachelor programme in English. ARCHIP started from the academic year 2011/2012 and provides a truly international environment with students representing over 20 different nationalities. The aim of the study is to cultivate a comprehensively educated graduate – competent in the fundamentals of the architectural profession, in the view of its modern requirements. The creative activities of students and faculty at ARCHIP focus on the development of critical thinking and knowledge acquired through study or instruction, for the purposes of professional interpretation and application in the pan-societal context. The graduate is prepared to continue with a masters course or, alternately, to take up practice.

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