Presentation Master course spring 2016: DALE // Remote place(s)

Find out more about one of the master courses offered at BAS for the spring 2016.

DALE // Noreg remote place(s)

Synopsis international master course, spring 2016 

With the rapidly continuation of the planning / development of densification(s) of the main, larger Norwegian
urban locations, many re-mote places in Norway are subject to depletions. The reduction of population and
broader living conditions is palpable in a rising number of smaller Norwegian agglomerations.

The topic of the proposed master course will focus on oblique understanding(s) of this societal change all the
while enabling a production(s) of deliberately thought-provoking architectural actions and projects, pointing
towards more inclusive, anthropological, ecological/recyclable architectures, attempting to unfold various reattachments
of architecture and life at large to their artistic mytho-poetic essences in a specific Norwegian

The proposed context for the master course is the village Dale, Sunnfjord in Fjaler municipality, on the West
Coast of Norway. The village is located at the mouth of the river Vassdalselva on the southern shore of the
Dalsfjorden. The 1.11-square-kilometre village has a population (2013) of 1,077. The village population is
still stable, and the presence of regional schools and the NKD, a Nordic Artist Centre with international artist
residencies, contribute to maintaining a reasonable pace of life with further potentialities

The structure of the course will seek the development of novel architectural inserts/transformations in the
context of Dale, with keen awareness for both existing and future planning conditions; Working through
various exercises during the course, relevant issues will constantly be assessed, debated and re-shuffled; The
work is to form a continuous awareness of new nature/culture relationships, while simultaneously developing
a refined consciousness for alternative architectural, artistic & social anthropologies through the manufacture
of architectural proposals.

The course will be segmented in precise study modules, enabling a continuous production of relevant
architectural material(s) in form of models (1:1, other scales), various pamphlets, AV material and other
communicative material / immaterial information. While some exercises are collective, the course aims at
strengthening the awareness of individual work(s), enabling students in the master level a semester to
assess, broaden and hone personal architectural skills and competencies in attentive, collegial environments.
A one week study tour to relevant selected contexts in Switzerland, Austria and Germany will take place
after Easter, while at least two visits/stays to Dale are to be expected.
A one week video/new digital media workshop will supplement the course and strengthen the students
creative/critical communicative faculties in DAV /VS.
A shorter analogue representation workshop aims at enabling the production of larger oblique
architectural renderings.

During spring 2016 NKD will host 8 invited young Nordic architects. It is expected that the course will benefit
from following their activities, and inviting them for course works reviews during the semester.

Tutors : Thomas Wiesner APP/DAV (resp)
Hedvig Skjerdingstad APP teacher 1
Daniel Liss VS/DAV
Anni Vestergaard DAV/VS
Harald Røstvik sustainability
Sigurdur Gunnarsson TTA
+ Invited guest lecturers & reviewers during semester

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