Open lecture at BAS Wednesday 3. May at 1430 by Julie D'Aubioul - projects and work.

Julie D'Aubioul is a young Belgian architect. She established her own office in 2010 and has already a fine portfolio of smaller architectural projects and build work behind her. Her work(s) are characterized by a straightforward approach to establishing useful hybrid spaces through simple and thoughtful transformative architectural actions. Read more!

Julie d'Aubioul's lecture will introduce some of her projects and works, and give an insight on her DIY methodologies in the project for the re-habilitation/re-use of an derelict industrial barn in the small agglomeration of Waarschoot located between Gent and Brussels. The  barn now shelters a shared home for her and her boyfriend while also "housing" her own architectural studio, and a car/motorbike workshop for her boyfriend. With the insertion of simple new architectural spaces into the larger barn space, a surprisingly complex conglomerate of interlocking interstitial spaces appear and propagate fine dualities between useful new minimalism and ambient "wabi-sabi" conditions, thus establishing a fine balance between states of sculptural formality and conditions of functionality.