Open lecture at BAS Wednesday 29. March from 1430-1600: "Perception and Performance - Form as narrator" by artist Anne Marthe Dyvi

In large auditorium.

"During the session I will be sharing experience, tools and models from my work with form and content. Thinking out loud on creating site, situation and time based work"

Anne Marthe Dyvi (born 1979) is an artist educated and based in Bergen, Norway. She graduated from The Bergen Academy of Art and Design with an MA in fine art in 2010. In addition to her own practice as an artist, she is a member of the artist group Ytter, and works as artistic developer at the Bergen Center for Electronic Art. She works with different mediums, analogue and digital; video, sculpture, text, sound, performance and installation, but is not faithful to any of them. Her work is interdisciplinary, site- and situation specific. Dyvi has exhibited in several parts of Norway, Sweden, Italy, Slovakia, England, Germany, Estonia, Iceland, Denmark and Lithuania. She was a part of the resource group developing a national archive for video arts in Norway for the Arts Council.