Open lecture at BAS Wednesday 1. February at 1430: "ART IS EASY USE FLUXUS" by Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen

Thorbjørn is a visual artist born in 1974 in Denmark on the Island of Møn. As the son of Fluxus artist Henning Christiansen, he was participating in Fluxus actions and events since his childhood, assisting and recording his fathers artistic practice. Today, he is in charge of the Henning Christiansen Archive. He was educated at the Universität Der Künste Berlin and the Royal Danish Art Academy and works with performance and video-installations. He has been exhibiting in Berlin, New York, Seoul etc., often in collaboration with the international artist collective Global Alien. The artist talk will focus on Fluxus and the dream of revolting against the established art world with provocation and happenings, towards a world of free speach and expression. It will trace the internal debates and conflicts within the Fluxus movement, their political implications and the Fluxus movements resonance in the present