Open lecture at BAS 23. November at 14.30-16.00 'Talking about Listening — Sound, Acoustics and Architecture' by John Chantler

John returns to BAS to talk about the work he made here for Borealis festival and further thoughts on the relationship between listening, architecture and acoustics. John Chantler is a musician and organiser living in Stockholm, Sweden. As a musician and composer John's work utilisers electronics and organs working with and against the specific systems inherent in his chosen tools. His most recent LP — Which Way To Leave? — charts an unpredictable, highly dynamic course through distorted washes of massed harmonics and passages of stark alien beauty. This follows Still Light, Outside — an extended suite that combines passages of stark minimalism centred at the bodily invasive extremes of the pipe organ’s register with striking explosions of colour; massed chords shot through with heavy distortion and electronics that operate according to their own dream logic.