Open lecture Wednesday 25. March at 1400: Presentation of University of Antwerp and the project Cultural Centre Zwaneberg, Belgium.

Jo Meers from Faculty of Design Sciences of the University of Antwerp in Belgium will present the profile of the school, and in addtion talk about a typical Belgian project. The project deals with the extension of Cultural Centre Zwaneberg.

Rather than contenting ourselves with enlarging the existing Cultural Centre Zwaneberg in Heist-op-den-Berg in Belgium to accommodate rising visitor numbers, as the competition program demanded, our young multidisciplinary firm for Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Planners spent a lot of time thinking about the urban development aspects of the whole of the town and the possible role of the Cultural Centre.

As a result our winning competition entry, by now being a built project, stimulates indeed a necessary urban transformation; due to its cultural role it definitely aspires to become one of the hubs of the small city’s life.

This lecture about the extension of Cultural Centre Zwaneberg by Jo Meers one of the partners of Planners gives an in-depth look at this project in all its aspects.


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