Open lecture Tuesday 15. October at 1300-1345: "Is the digital cube empty? -or Reverse architecture for design" by Bernard Cherix, Swiss architect

With digital tools, the exploration of the build environment has never been so been so easy. Virtual navigation through cities or buildings has become possible even on smartphones. 

Sustainable design for architects, means not only choosing the right materials for a design but also recycling. This can be achieved at a small scale but also at the scale of a building. Coming out of a century which claimed « it is cheaper to build new than to renovate » we now have to reverse this, and technology will help. 

Complex buildings are now almost effortlessly scanned and since a decade, the resulting point clouds can be processed with a personal computer.  Point clouds will be the reference for building a digital model from which plans, sections and elevations are extracted as well as alphanumerical data. Such a model is reverse architecture and the starting point for the design of a transformation.

This will be discussed with a prototype of digital twin of the Simplon-Orient-Express train station Vallorbe (Switzerland) and a simulation of transformation.