Open lecture Monday 1. December at 1200: "URBAN CATHEDRALS - an exploration of Pure Voice, Acoustics, Architecture and Technology" by Laurie Amat

Laurie Amat will be giving her lecture at Bergen school of Architecture with an introduction given by Håvard Tveito. Håvard Tveito is a norwegian architect educated at BAS. Amat and Tveito currently collaborating on new works in the intersection between sound and architecture under the name Sonisk Blodbad together with Ole christensen, Kristian Stangebye, Tord Litleskare and Tarjei Sefland. Read more!


An exploration of Pure Voice, Acoustics, Architecture and Technology

Laurie Amat has performed and recorded in traditional non-traditional spaces including the Rockefeller Chapel-University of Chicago, Los Angeles Water Cistern, and the Prague Letna Hill Ruins. Her childhood experiences hearing Roman Catholic Latin masses in spacious churches, and her first choral resonant space performance at 17 at the Bapistry in Pisa, Italy influenced her very strongly. Her constantly expanding vocal exploration combined with this perspective creates sound and expression which moves beyond technical ability to personal connection and mutual experience. 

Ms. Amat’s voicework in resonant spaces is a visceral and emotional response to architecture, acoustics, physical texture and history of each individual space. The same way we are the sum of our history, so too are spaces. They each tell a different “story” and allow for vocal expression which is an immediate reflection of environment. Some of the great advantages to resonant space also are the opportunities to create simultaneous multiple voices, to play with incredibly precise vocal frequencies and textures, create live which otherwise can only be expressed with electronics, and most of all, use all aspects of spaces to enhance human expression. 

Her ongoing project “Urban Cathedrals-The Ghosts in the Stone” addresses the challenges of combining and balance  acoustic resonant space work with electronic looping. She is creating and recording live improvisational performances which will also the bases and inspiration for vocal electronic companion pieces and visual documentation.

Mini bio:

For over 25 years Providence, Rhode Island based vocalist/improviser Laurie Amat has been cultivating and expanding her use of the full vocal instrument in genres ranging from traditional opera to radical extended acoustic vocal technique in spaces such as theaters, cathedrals and monasteries; bunkers, cisterns and highway underpasses. She explores the broad possibilities of pure voice, breath and body as an instrument to convey a direct expression of visceral human emotions in live performance, recording and multimedia, also breaking additional boundaries with her use of electronics, creating sounds from angelic choirs to brutal industrial sound pieces. 

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