Open lecture 14.March at 1900: Katsuhiro Miyamoto "Architecture as a Vessel of Memory"

BAF has the pleasure of inviting the Japanes Architect Kasuhiro Miyamoto to do a lecture at Bergen School of Architecture - BAS.

5 years ago, on Friday 11 march 2011, a massive earthquake strucked the Tohoku region in the Japanese archipelago. The earthquake triggered powerful tsunami waves, deluging cities and rural areas, sweeping away infrastructure, causing a major nuclear accident and leaving a path of devastation in its wake.
This catastrophic event left architects wondering how they could respond in such a critical situation, and how their knowledge and expertise could be used to assist the recovery operations.
The japanese architect Katsuhiro Miyamoto was one of them.
In the wake of the Tohoku tsunami, he headed swiftly for the disaster zone and began to assist with recovery operations. The damage caused from the tsunami made him aware of the history and unique characteristics of each place. Researching the reminiscence of space, he took clues from memories. His proposals “foundation town” consist of flower beds which he planted in between the ruins of destroyed wooden houses, revealing the remains of their concrete foundations.
Later on, Miyamoto took part in the exhibition «How Did Architects Respond Immediately After 3/11–The Great East Japan Earthquake», which intend to exhibit the diversity of approaches to post-disaster architecture implemented in the 3/11 disaster zones of Japan.
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Katsuhiro Miyamoto work pursues new possibilities in the practice of architecture.
Within his office KMAA, he attemps to go beyond the existing system of the discipline, incorporating the whole environment, including topography, historical elements, and infrastructure.
Katsuhiro Miyamoto first attracted attention with his project called «House Surgery - Zenkai House» in which he altered and strengthen his family home which was judged «completely collapsed» after it was destroyed by the Hanshin Earthquake in january 1995.
In 1996, he took part to the Japanese Pavilion of the Venice Biennale of Architecture, displaying rubble he brought from the quake-hit region.
This work around the theme of «Fracture» earned him a Golden Lion.
Ever since, Miyamoto work received many awards and was featured in several exhibition around the world.